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Electrical Safety Evaluations Available for Your Home

Are you looking for electrical safety evaluations near Salem, VA? Danny’s Electrical Service also keeps an eye on electrical safety, so we offer safety evaluations of your home. When you need lighting upgrades or install smoke detectors for your residence, or to troubleshoot electrical problems, give Danny’s Electrical Service a call. We are happy to help with any electrical issue you may experience on a consistent or irregular basis. Faulty outlets and switches can often signal problems in older home systems that may result in dangerous electrical fires or short circuits. Call us in Salem, Blacksburg, Radford, or surrounding Roanoke Valley areas for immediate electrical assistance.

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Is Your Home Safe? Danny’s Can Evaluate Home Electrical Systems

If you have to ask if your home’s electrical system needs a safety evaulation, it may be overdue. Trust Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. to offer an honest review and a thorough check of your home’s electrical system—the many wires and outlets are waiting! Know for sure how safe the electrical service in your home really is—and how well it meets industry standards for such things as:

Surge Protection

This is one of the most important items to install at your panel location. It protects your electronics and large appliances from getting ruined by surges from storms and your utility company. –Did you know that 70 percent of surges come from inside of your home? The remaining 30 percent come from mother nature and your utility company, which are the larger surges!

Smoke Detectors

Residents need to test smoke detector units at least twice a year. We also recommend changing batteries twice a year also; unless you have ten-year smoke detectors. When we perform your yearly electrical evaluation, Danny will check these safety items and more. –Did you know smoke detectors all should be replaced at year ten?

Rest Easier Knowing Family and Pets are Safer in Christiansburg

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. is proud to offer the benefits of our expertise to Christiansburg-area customers. As both a business and a caring neighbor, we all rest a little easier when we know family members and pets are safe from problems that a problematic electrical system can bring. With a safety evaluation from Danny’s Electrical Service, you can rest assured of the electrical repair of your home.

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