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Hello, my name is Danny Buonpane. I have been in the electrical field now for over 31 years. Straight out of high school, I started as green helper and was mentored by a very strict, seasoned electrician. So, I guess you can say I learned the hard way!

I continued learning my trade by attending a four-year electrical training course, which launched me into bigger and better opportunities in the electrical field. I opened Danny’s Electrical Service to serve my clients.

One noteworthy project was a circuit restoration of a home here in Christiansburg, Virginia. Circuit restoration means I replaced all switches, outlets, and plates in this home. The customer was complaining of outlets working intermittently and some were arcing with sparks coming out of the outlets and switches. I replaced it all with new white devices, and when I was done my customer was very happy and told me:

“Thank you!” and said, “I feel like you have saved my family’s lives.”

I said, “You’re welcome,” and simply, “That’s what I do.”

Honestly, electrical is all about safety.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you and your family.

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. Offers Greater Security and Savings

Do you need a residential electrician in Christiansburg, VA, or the surrounding areas? Choose Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. The electricity that runs to your home powers many things today, so homeowners generally want to ensure three things. One, that the electrical system is up-to-date; two, that the electrical components operate units and appliances smoothly, seamlessly, and safely; and three, that wherever possible the electrical system helps to save money when operating necessary appliances. Contact Danny’s Electrical Service online or call us at (540) 998-5750 for residential electrical service.

What We Do


Residential Electrical Services in Christiansburg for the Region

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. assists customers with their residential electrical services in and around Christiansburg, VA. Danny’s Electrical Service is a local family-owned and operated business that operates with these primary goals in mind—along with the training and excellence that adds to your peace of mind.

Owner, Danny Buonpane, oversees all work done by the company and is the experienced service provider you can arrange to meet with to evaluate your family’s electrical usage and needs.


Repair Options Available from Danny’s Electrical Service

Electrical repair to homes begins with electrical panels and connects from there. Danny installs panels to meet your electrical remodeling needs, with many options available to homeowners. We can repair and add circuit breakers, junction boxes, switches, surge protectors, and outlets to supplement existing electrical systems.


Electrical Safety Evaluations for Homeowners in Virginia

Danny’s Electrical Service also keeps an eye on electrical safety, so we offer safety evaluations of your home’s electrical system. If you need lighting upgrades or new smoke detectors, or need help troubleshooting electrical problems, call Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. We are happy to help with any electrical issue you may experience on a consistent or irregular basis.

Call us first when outlets and switches are not working properly. These can often signal problems in older home electrical systems that may result in dangerous electrical fires or short circuits. We proudly provide electrical safety services to homeowners throughout Virginia.

Let Danny light it up for you – (540) 998-5750
For 24-hour Emergency Service Call (540) 391-0225 (cell)

Let Danny Help – (540) 998-5750
24-hour Emergency Service – (540) 391-0225 

Services Offered by Danny’s Electrical Service Inc.:

> 24-hour Electrical
> Breakers
> Electrical Evaluations
> Electrical Remodeling
> Electrical Repair
> Electrical Safety
> Electrical Service
> LED Conversion in home
> LED lighting
> Lighting Installations

> Lighting Upgrades
> Lighting Services
> Outlet Repair
> Panels
> Power Savers
> Short Circuits
> Surge Protectors
> Switch Repair
> And More!

LED Lighting Conversions and Money-Saving Electrical Options

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. commits to helping families save money on electrical repair throughout the area. Our residential electricians can upgrade and install new electrical lines. We can also convert existing lamps to cost-effective LED bulbs to make your home more energy efficient. Ask about installing power savers and surge protectors to keep a closer eye on your family’s electrical usage and safety, Danny’s can help! Danny is a family man who knows how important quality electrical options are to homeowners. Why continue to pay the highest price for electric use? Discover the many ways your family can save money.

Residential Electric Services for Virginia’s Christiansburg Region

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. proudly serves residents in the Christiansburg, Virginia, region, which includes Blacksburg, Radford, Roanoke, and Salem. We also work in other towns throughout Pulaski County, Giles County, and Roanoke County. We welcome your call for evaluation consultations, installations, conversions, and 24-hour emergency services.


“Great job; keep up the great work!” –Jim M.

“Well that was easy! Danny was great. Danny kept me in the loop and the job progressed. I would use Danny again, no questions asked.” –Sara J.

“Quick and reliable service!” Mary H.

“Great work. Finished the job on the spot and made recommendations that were very helpful. Thank you, Danny! ” –Scott C.

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc.: Reliable residential electrician in Christiansburg, VA.