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Roanoke, Virginia, Can Rely on Danny’s for Electrical Panels

Homeowners in Roanoke, Virginia, who need a reliable and experienced electrician to work on their home electrical system can count on Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. Owner Danny Buonpane has been serving the New River Valley with over 31 years of expertise. Whether you need to get repairs on an existing electrical panel or need to install a new panel and more anywhere in your home. In addition to standard electrical maintenance, Danny’s Electrical can also offer insight on electrical safety and can also help discover ways to save on your monthly utility bill! Contact us online anytime to schedule professional electrical repair or call (540) 998-5750. Rely on Danny’s Electrical Service serving Roanoke customers with electrical panels, usage, and safety options.

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Do You Have Electrical Safety Concerns in Roanoke, Virginia?

Electrical safety is a business priority at Danny’s Electrical Service. If you are a Roanoke-area homeowner with any type of electrical safety concern, give us a call. Our electrician can perform a critical review of your home’s electrical system. This evaluation is usually an excellent first step if you suspect a problem. Call today to schedule a safety consultation from Danny’s Electrical Service for your home in Roanoke, Virginia. We will offer sound advice on any trouble spots and the best remedy for them. Older home electrical systems can experience troublesome issues with wiring, switches, or outlets. It is good to learn more about the safety of your home electrical system. Enjoy a greater sense of security in using your Giles County home by scheduling a safety evaluation today.

LED Lighting Conversion Services for Roanoke, Virginia

Today’s modern homes require a fresh look at how we light up different areas. We know more today about how to achieve bright, quality lighting while being more energy efficient at the same time. Many Roanoke homeowners want to make the switch to LED bulbs and LED lighting but may not know who to ask. If you are ready to make a conversion to LED a reality for your home, contact Danny’s Electrical Service.

We can offer advice that can help Roanoke homeowners make the switch to LED bulbs and LED lighting. These options can result in significant savings on your monthly electric bill! Contact us today to consult with Danny’s Electrical Service for the brightest advice on installing LED bulbs and LED lighting in your home.

How to Make Electric Safer in Roanoke, Virginia, Homes

Because electrical safety is a large focus for Danny’s Electrical Service Inc., we get many questions from Roanoke-area homeowners about it. Top safety questions concern two things—

how to add protection against unexpected power surges, and

how to monitor electrical use in the home.

The bottom line for just about everyone is saving money. Smart homeowners see other people almost make a game out of finding ways to watch how much electricity their home uses, and how much they can reduce. Danny’s Electrical Service can install one or more power savers to give Roanoke homeowners insight on peak use. Then, we can review possible ways to help cut costs. We can also offer homeowners the service of installing surge protectors. We recommend surge protectors as a proactive way to protect valuable home appliances and electronics. One of the most unfortunate things about electrical service can be its unpredictability. Surge protectors can save Roanoke homeowners money on expensive damage from storms or external grid and powerline issues. Consult with Danny’s Electrical Service now, before a surge wipes out your valuable appliances.

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