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Electrical Panels in Christiansburg, VA, by Danny’s Electrical Service

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. is proud to serve customers in our home location of Christiansburg, Virginia. Trust Danny’s Electrical for electrical panels and all of your electrical wiring work with outlets and switches installed or repaired when and where you need them most. We serve residential customers who expect top-notch service and insight on saving significant money on their utility bill. Christiansburg-area customers can call on us for all types of electrical repair, including consultations and savings options. Call us at (540) 998-5750, or message us online today to schedule your consultation.

Call Danny’s Electrical for Electrical Safety Consultations

We take electrical safety seriously at Danny’s Electrical. Consult with us today on ways to ensure your home electrical system remains safe and protected. If you live in an older home, be sure to request a safety evaluation from Danny’s Electrical.

With a home electrical review, you can learn how adequate your existing electrical service is, and explore options to improve daily operations and safety. An electrical safety review from Danny’s Electrical is a smart first step to enjoying a greater sense of security.

Depend on Danny’s for All Your Home Electrical Repair!

Christiansburg is Converting to LED Bulbs and LED Lighting

Converting Christiansburg-area customers to money-saving LED bulbs and lighting is a priority of Danny’s Electrical Service. We are happy to lend our expertise to Christiansburg residents who want to know more about how installing the right LED bulbs and LED lighting can help brighten areas of your home while saving you money. It is possible and we have the experience to prove it! Call Danny’s now to learn more about converting to LED today!

Danny’s Electrical for Repairs in Christiansburg, VA

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  • Short Circuits
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  • And More

Danny’s Saves You Money on Electrical Use in Christiansburg, Virginia

Bottom line for our customers in Christiansburg, Virginia, is saving money. Danny’s Electrical Service takes pride in being in-the-know on effective ways to help area customers save money on their electrical bill and protect their homes against costly power surges. Monitor your electrical use with power savers for one or more areas of your home.

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