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Quality Electrical Panels in Radford by Danny’s Electrical Service

When you need a residential electrician serving Radford, VA, and surrounding areas, call on Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. Local homeowners rely on Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. to install quality electrical panels for their homes. We can install or repair electrical panels, wiring, outlets, switches, and more, depending on the needs of your home. Danny’s Electrical proudly serve residents in Radford who benefit from our experience and insight on ways to spend less money on electricity. Call us for all types of electrical repair and consult with us on money saving options at any time of the year. Message us online anytime or call Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. today at (540) 998-5750 to speak with a residential electrician.

Protect Your Family with Electrical Safety Evaluations in Radford, VA

Working with electricity every day means our focus must be on safety at all times. Danny’s Electrical Service invites Radford homeowners to call and schedule a safety consultation. If you live in an older home and experience troublesome issues with your wiring, switches, or outlets, an electrical safety consultation shows how adequate your home electrical system really is and where to make possible improvements or corrections. An electrical safety review from Danny’s Electrical is a smart first step to enjoying a greater sense of security when it comes to your home electrical system.

Radford Homeowners Rely on Danny’s Electrical Service for Repair!

LED Conversions and Lighting Upgrades for Radford-Area Homes

Danny’s Electrical Service Inc. assists Radford-area customers who want to convert from traditional lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs and lighting. As a leading residential electrician in the New River Valley, trust Danny’s to properly swap lighting options to save money. We lend Radford residents the benefit of our expertise on the best way to install LED bulbs and LED lighting in their homes. It is possible to see significant savings on your monthly electric bill by switching to LED, so contact Danny’s Electrical today. Discover how we can help residents of Radford who want to make the switch to LED lighting.

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Danny’s Helps Radford Homeowners Monitor Electrical Usage

Homeowners in the Radford, Virginia, area can call Danny’s Electrical Service to help satisfy their curiosity. You read that correctly! Our expert residential electrician enjoys playing detective by investigating the sources that use the most power in your home. By monitoring electrical usage with power savers, Radford residents can learn exactly how much electricity passes throughout their house. They may also learn when peak usage occurs, and possible ways to save money—pretty intriguing, right? Some homeowners think about monitoring energy use in much the same way others play video games. It takes a keen eye and a strategic mind to devise ways to win the savings game. Another great way to protect your home energy use is by installing surge protectors. Protect home appliances and electronics from expensive damage from unexpected powerline issues and grid snafus. Before a surge wipes out your valuable appliances, contact Danny’s Electrical Service today to schedule your consultation.

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